Lounge Room Cash Housie

We’re excited to announce we will be running Housie LIVE online 3 times a week with our great friends at Ingleburn RSL Club! We’ll also have $300 in Raffle prizes to be won at each session.
Mondays 7.30pm
Wednesdays 11.30am
Fridays 11.30am


Here’s all you need to know –

Tickets are now on sale for sessions on 6th, 8th & 10th September.
Please note, sales end half an hour before the session starts so buy your tickets well in advance.


Monday – $10 for 10 games (6 tickets per game. Maximum purchase is $80)

Wednesday & Friday – $15 for 15 games (6 tickets per game. Maximum purchase is $120)

Raffle tickets – $5 each (10 x $30 in Woolworths eGift Cards to be won!)

  1. Purchase your tickets by clicking here.
  2. Games can be played on a device or you can print your tickets and mark off the numbers manually. If you choose to play on a device you can only play 2 sets per device.
  3. If you wish to play more than 2 sets we recommend printing out the tickets and marking them off manually. You will need a printer to do this.
  4. Tickets are purchased using PayPal or credit card. If you wish to use credit card just follow the payment prompts and select credit card.
  5. Once you have purchased your tickets they will be emailed to you.
  1. Things are a little different to a normal session because you will play the same page of 6 tickets in every game.
  2. If you choose to play on a device you can play 2 tickets per device. After each game you will press Clear Sheet to clear
  3. the ticket for the next game.
  4. If you decide to print your tickets and mark off the numbers manually, you will need to print 1 sheet for each game.
  5. Then join Nelson for the LIVE stream of the games via Ingleburn RSL’s Facebook page .
  6. To find out more watch our How To Play video.
  7. To read our Housie Rules for these online sessions, please click here.

Let’s face it, this is the important bit!We have a register of all tickets in play so if something goes wrong during the games don’t worry, we will still know if you are a winner.You can’t actually call out BINGO during the session, but you can write it in the Comments on the Facebook page to celebrate! But this isn’t necessary because we will know when a player has won (our very clever computer will tell us!) so the game will end and Nelson will announce the winner! We will then be in touch with you after the session to grab your bank details and your prize money will be transferred to you! Hurrah!

So if you have any technical issues DON’T PANIC! We have a register of all tickets in play and will ensure you don’t miss a claim.
Please remember under no circumstances will either Learning Links or Ingleburn RSL Club ask for you to provide us with your bank details via Facebook. We will always call you directly to get these details. If you are ever concerned with any messages or correspondence sent to you via social media from someone asking for your details, please call Ingleburn RSL Club on (02) 9765 7700 and leave a message. The Club will then call you back to confirm. Alternately, please email the club at info@ingleburnrsl.com.au to verify any requests you may receive.

If you have any issues before or during the session, you can also contact the lovely people at Ingleburn RSL on (02) 9765 7700 and leave a message and someone will get back to you.




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