Housie over the Festive Season

We have lots of Housie sessions running over the Christmas and New Year period so grab some friends and come play! Some of our sessions will be closed however, so please see below for a full list of when sessions are on –


Ashfield RSLTuesday 1pmNo cancelled sessions
Ashfield RSLTuesday 7pmTuesday 27 December
Ashfield RSLSundayChristmas Day and New Years Day
Bargo Sports ClubMondayMonday 26 December & 2 January
Bellambi Bowling ClubTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
Bellambi Bowling ClubSaturdayNo cancelled sessions
Berkeley Sports ClubThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Bexley RSL ClubMondayNo cancelled sessions
Bexley RSL ClubFridayNo cancelled sessions
Bexley RSL ClubSaturdayNo cancelled sessions
Blacktown Workers ClubTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
Blacktown Workers ClubThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Blacktown Workers ClubSundaySunday December 4, December 19 & Christmas Day
Campbelltown Catholic ClubMondayBoxing day
Campbelltown Catholic ClubTuesdayTuesday, 27 December
Campbelltown Catholic ClubWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Campbelltown Catholic ClubSaturdayNo cancelled sessions
Campbelltown Golf ClubThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Canley Heights RSLThursdayThursday 29 December, & 5 January
Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSLMondayMonday, 26 December
Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSLThursdayThursday, 29 December
Cronulla RSL Memorial ClubTuesdayTuesday 27 December & 3 January
The Groundz / Dapto ShowgroundsFridayNo cancelled sessions
Dooleys LidcomeTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
Dooleys Regents ParkThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Granville DiggersMondayBoxing Day
Gymea TradiesMondayMonday 26 December & 2 January
Gymea TradiesTuesdayTuesday 27 December & 1 January
Helensburgh TradiesFridayFriday 30 December & 6 January
Hornsby RSLTuesdayTuesday 27 December, 3 & 10 January
Hornsby RSLSaturdaySaturday 24 & 31 December,  7 & 14 January
Ingleburn Bowling ClubThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn Bowling ClubSaturdayNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubMondayNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubWednesday 11.30amNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubWednesday 7.30pmNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubFridayNo cancelled sessions
Ingleburn RSL ClubSundayChristmas Day
Lantern ClubMondayNo cancelled sessions
Magpies SportsFridayFriday 30 December
Merrylands RSLWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Merrylands RSLThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Merrylands RSLSundayChristmas Day & New Year’s Day
Moorebank Sports ClubMondayBoxing Day & 2 January
Moorebank Sports ClubTuesday 11amTuesday 27 December, 3 January
Moorebank Sports ClubTuesday 7pmTuesday 27 December, 3 January
Moorebank Sports ClubFridayFriday 30 December, 6 January
Panthers PenrithMonday 10amBoxing Day
Panthers PenrithMonday 7pmBoxing Day
Panthers PenrithWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Panthers PenrithFridayNo cancelled sessions
Penrith RSL ClubSaturdayNo cancelled sessions
Penrith RSL ClubSundayChristmas Day
Pittwater RSLWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Pittwater RSLFridayNo cancelled sessions
Ramsgate RSLWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Richmond ClubThursday 10:30amThursday 29 December, 5 & 12 January
Richmond ClubThursday 7:30pmThursday 29 December, 5 & 12 January
Rules Club WaggaThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Rules Club WaggaSundayChristmas Day & New Years Day
Springwood Sports ClubFridayNo cancelled sessions
St Johns Park Bowling ClubTuesdayTuesday 27 December
St Johns Park Bowling ClubFridayAlready Closed- Returns 6 January
St Marys Rugby League ClubTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
St Marys Rugby League ClubThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Wenty LeaguesMondayNo cancelled sessions
Wenty LeaguesTuesdayNo cancelled sessions
Wenty LeaguesWednesdayNo cancelled sessions
Wenty LeaguesThursdayNo cancelled sessions
Wenty LeaguesFridayNo cancelled sessions- Friday 30 December moved upstairs
Wenty LeaguesSaturdaySaturday 31 December
West Pennant HillsMondayBoxing Day and Monday 2 January
West Pennant HillsTuesdayTuesday 27 December and 3 January
Wyong RSLSaturdaySaturday, 24 December and 31 December


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