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Learning Links was established in 1972 by parents who were concerned about the lack of appropriate education services to meet their children’s needs. Today, the need to provide learning and educational support to children, young people and their families is greater than ever.

Learning Links’ vision is a community where disadvantage and difficulties learning are no longer a barrier to a fulfilling life.

Learning Links works with children with learning difficulties and disabilities and their families; including those impacted by socio-economic disadvantage.

Charity Housie raises significant funds for Learning Links to provide much needed support to children with learning difficulties and their families.

If you would like to find out ways Learning Links might be able to help you and your family visit our Learning Links website.

How Charity Housie supports children in need

Learning Links is a long standing and respected charity focussed on helping children with learning difficulties. We receive little government funding and like many other charities are reliant on various means of fundraising to fund our important work in the community.

Learning Links works with Clubs in several ways to raise funds to help us run our programs. These include ClubGrants, partnerships and through Charity Housie activities.

In NSW, Charity Housie can only be conducted for the purpose of fundraising by a charity. It is a highly regulated form of fundraising. On average, 75% of the money raised in ticket sales from a Charity Housie session goes back to the Housie players in prizes. 12.5% is used to pay for staff and the operational costs of the Housie session and the remaining 12.5% must be used as fundraising to support the charity to deliver its services and mission.

Learning Links would not be able to help the many children and families that we help each year without the funding we receive from Charity Housie and our Club partners.


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