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What is Charity Housie?

New to Charity Housie? Here’s a quick run-down…

  • Charity Housie is also called Cash Housie and is similar to Bingo.
  • It is played with electronic or printed tickets bearing numbered squares.
  • Players buy ticket books to play at the start of each session.
  • A Housie Caller selects numbers at random which are then announced to the players.
  • Each player marks off the numbers on their ticket as they are called.
  • A player wins if they can mark off all the numbers on their ticket first. This is called a Full House.
  • The main difference to Bingo is that in Charity Housie prizes can be cash, whereas in Bingo prizes can only be non-cash.
  • Charity Housie prizes can range from less than $50 to $5,000. The prize values depend on the amount of money raised at the session from ticket sales.
  • In Australia, Charity Housie can only be conducted for the purpose of raising money for a charity.
  • The benefiting charity must receive at least 12.5% of the proceeds raised from the sale of the Housie books.
  • Charity Housie has many regular and devoted players who enjoy it as a social outing as well as the chance of winning.

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NSW Community & Gaming Act 2018 No 60 & Regulation 2020

  1. Charity Housie prizes are calculated based on sales and limited to a maximum of 75% of the gross proceeds of a Housie session.
  2. Of the gross proceeds, the benefiting charity must receive at least 12.5% as profit and expenses cannot exceed 12.5%.
  3. Session cash prizes are capped in total to $10,000 for combined ordinary & jackpot games.
  4. The maximum combined total value of jackpot prizes awarded in a major Housie session cannot exceed $5,000.
  5. Housie venues are all non-smoking areas.
  6. A maximum of 48 tickets can be sold to a single participant. This maximum includes combination of paper and electronic tickets.

Learning Links Housie Rules — CFN 13232

  1. During a session, the financial statements (Session Diary) can be viewed at the sales desk.
  2. It is the responsibility of each player to check that they have the correct books and change before leaving the sales table, no responsibility will be taken once you have left.
  3. To be fair to all patrons who attend Learning Links’ Charity Housie sessions, the follow rules apply to PET users:
    • PETs are distributed on a first come, first served basis.
    • PETs cannot be reserved by Staff for Patrons.
    • PET will only be handed out when paid for.
    • Only one PET per patron allowed.
    • Second PET can only be played by one Patron if another Patron needs to the leave the room for unforeseen circumstances and a limit of only 3 games can played for that person. No prize will be paid on second PET after 3rd game.
  4. No jackpot books or sheets will be sold after the caller announces ‘Final Call’ for sales.
  5. Players must be playing the correct book and card colour with the correct serial number or they will not be paid a prize.
  6. If there is more than one winner the prize will be shared equally.
  7. If you call Bingo on a winning number that was called prior to the last number called and someone else goes out on the last number called, the prize will be shared equally.
  8. A number is not fully called until the number has been repeated, if a number is called by mistake and repeated, that number will then be classed as called.
  9. A number is lit up on the board and is missed by the caller, that number will only be accepted as a valid number if it is called and repeated by the caller before the end of that game and providing the bingo machine is not faulty.
  10. Learning Links reserves the right to alter progressive jackpots at any time.
  11. Any prize awarded over $2,000 will be paid by means of electronic transfer to an account nominated by the prize winner or by crossed cheque, or in a manner as agreed with the prize winner (other than in Cash)
  12. Subject to adequate cash being available from ticket sales at a session, all cash Jackpot prizes will be paid in full to the winning patron at the session. At sessions where insufficient funds are available however, the balance owing will be paid to the winner by Learning Links Head Office within three business days. This payment will be made via EFT (electronic funds transfer) to the winner’s nominated bank account or by cheque, as chosen by the winner.
  13. In the cases where a computer is not in use for checking a winning card and that card is unreadable due to dark colours being used for marking the card, that card will be deemed invalid and no prize will be paid.
  14. Where children are permitted to play Housie, they must remain seated with their accompanying adult always and if they win, the prize will only be paid to an accompanying adult.
  15. Any disruptions during Housie are not acceptable and the person or persons involved may be asked to leave.
  16. All mobile phones must be put on silent mode or switched off while games are being played.
  17. Players can reserve tables up to twenty minutes prior to Housie starting.
  18. Learning Links’ employees are not allowed to participate in playing the game whilst on duty, with exception of temporarily playing for a patron who has a reasonable emergency.
  19. The session supervisor will have the final say on any disputes arising during a session.
  20. If you have any queries regarding the way Learning Links run their sessions, please contact Learning Links’ Head Office on (02) 8525 8222.


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