Canley Heights RSL

Thursday 7:30 pm

Cost Per Set $10

Prize Details Cash & Prizes

15 Club games, 10 Cash games, Jackpot sheet

Canley Heights RSL

26 Humphries Rd, Wakeley NSW 2176, Australia

Phone: (02) 9604 9975

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Upcoming Charity Housie Jackpots at Canley Heights RSL

Thursday 7:30 PM 20/06/2024


Upcoming Charity Housie Promotions at Canley Heights RSL

  • JUNE ROCK N ROLL THEME NIGHT + Maxi Housie, Thursday 27th June, Eyes Down 7:30pm, $150+ Cash Games
  • Prizes for best Dressed – Be creative!
  • J for June bonus game – One free sheet for all attending : Win a $100 giftcard.
  • June Promo – Go out in 50 calls or less to win $20LL Dollars
  • Maxi Housie, Thursday July 25th, Eyes Down 7:30pm, $150 Cash Games and Go out on number 25 to win $50LL Dollars or have 25 on a winning card to win $10LL Dollars


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